Caroline Lawrence
Reflexologist, Change4lifetime | 4Life Independent Distributor
Caroline Lawrence - Reflexologist, Change4lifetime | 4Life Independent Distributor

Caroline Lawrence is a reflexologist at Change4lifetime,and an independent distributor for 4Life Research. She is self employed as a certified professional reflexologist and works from Maxwell’s Clinic in Papakura and also at the Franklin Wellness Centre in Pukekohe. She is a specialist in the areas of hand, foot and ear reflexology, personal development, client education, and emotional freedom techniques (EFT). In the course of her duties, she is responsible for serving as a holistic natural therapist, providing her clients with health advice, working with chiropractors, and offering naturopathy services. She also encourages her clients to do the mental work and uses positive affirmations to promote their health and well-being.

Over the course of an illustrious career, Ms. Lawrence has studied natural medicine, and she has become certified in personal development, somatic reflexology, and hand articular mobilization. When she is not at work, she enjoys reading, writing, networking, and spending time with four grandchildren and her daughter in Auckland, New Zealand. In the years to come, Ms. Lawrence would like to continue to grow the company, become a certified EFT practitioner, introduce reflexology and EFT to resorts in New Zealand, write and publish e-books on Amazon, and earn additional education certifications. She loves having the freedom to make decisions about her time and loves being her own boss.

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Caroline Lawrence
Certified Professional Reflexologist
& 4Life Independent Distributor
m: 021-0818-2611
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